Mack Brewing Co. | IPA

I recently ran across Mack Brewing Co. via Instagram and fell in love with the feeling, representation and branding that was displayed. So, of course, I had to hit them up about getting a bottle of their newly released Mack IPA. Appropriately enough, the Mack is a 10% IPA, so let’s dive in head first.


First thing I noticed was the elegant emblem with an off centered A. It really grabbed my attention with its simplicity, style and its slight roughness and on edge lettering. Printed on a royal blue label, it’s labeled 10%, but simply an IPA? I have questions on that.

Now, on to the pour.

This IPA pours a fairly opaque reddish brown color with a considerable sized light tan and frothy head. Some visible carbonation, but not much. Head retention is great.

The nose was sweet with a strong vertebra of earthy maltiness. With such a dark color, I didn’t expect bright, floral or juicy notes. The nose held repetitive to the taste with earthy and spiced hops. Lingering alcohol on the back end are accentuated by piney and bitter characteristics. The mouthfeel is fairly light and makes this big Mack IPA pretty easy to sip (dad joke, not sorry).


Overall, I think Mack Brewing is on to something. I think it would be beneficial to adjust labeling to reflect DIPA or TIPA if it’s going to yield a 10% ABV. If you are more on the bitter side of IPAs, then this is the beer for you.

Be on the look out for an interview with Philly Mac soon.

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